About Bethany

BKL currency exchangeHey there! I’m a PhD and MA student at Michigan State University, as well as an independent consultant with Laursen Evaluation & Design, LLC. I help trained investigators (e.g., researchers, evaluators) make better discoveries by developing and disseminating discovery insight (“sense making”) tools. An example tool might be a grid that helps a hiring manager score job applicants against hiring criteria to pick the best person for the job. Another example is systems modeling software that helps you find leverage points, like MentalModeler. Even social processes can be tools, like the guided dialogues from the Toolbox Project.

Check out my home website for more about me! I welcome consulting inquiries, collegial insights, and provoking questions. Comment on a post here to join this project’s online learning community, or email me at laursen3@msu.edu.

Talk to you soon!