SQian and me at poster night2

Week 8: Into the Limelight

On April 25, I presented this “Making Sense” project as an interactive poster at an on campus poster exhibit. If I must be honest, my poster stole the show. Amidst walls of tiny text and[…]

7 Colored Ball close up

Week 7: Color Gives Meaning

“This is so much fun! This is way more fun than sitting at my computer and writing.”–Color coding self The ball was just begging for some color. But in research, color is never for entertainment.[…]

Sense Making Ball 20160305

Week 5: The Surface is Complete!

Woohoo! I’ve covered the entire surface of the ball with labels that I brainstormed from the literature, the dictionary, and readers. It’s now what I pictured it would become: a┬ámultifaceted concept-object! Let’s all pause and[…]

2 Overview ball 20160124

Week 2: What is meaning?

Thank you for commenting on my project and learning along with me! Your notes inspired new insights and those made it onto the ball this week, along with the insights from my ‘lexical analysis’ in[…]

2 Overview ball 20160117

Week 1: The First Slice

Well, after work session 1, the ball looks exactly like I thought it would, leaving me wondering, “How will this be helpful?” It’s too early to throw in the towel, though. I did learn a[…]