Week 1.5: Using the Dictionary

Appreciative inquiry believes, “All the answers are in the room,” and I love appreciative inquiry. “Sense making” is a common, street-level idea, and it’s in the Dictionary on my computer! The Dictionary and Thesaurus entries on “sense” give an excellent overview of the various facets of this idea (fancy phrase: “lexical analysis”). I listed and sorted the keywords from these entries into four categories, which are worth challenging, dear reader:

  1. Synonyms for “sense”
    Appreciative inquiry
    “All the answers are in the room.”
    The “aha! now I see it!”
    The transformation
    A compelling explanation
    A meaning
  2. Mind/Cognitive Definitions

    Justifiable (the reason)
    Justification or warrant for a belief
    Practicable (the point/motive/value/advantage/benefit)

  3. Spirit/Emotions Definitions
    A keen intuition
    A sane and realistic attitude
  4. Body/Physical Definitions
    Perceiving external stimuli
    Awareness of
    Recognition of

So these lead me to this hypothesis, that Sense making is the cohering of sense from the mind, spirit, and body. That is, it is not merely cognitive. What do you think? And if it does involve all three of these aspects, what does the “cohering” or “making” mean?

2 thoughts on “Week 1.5: Using the Dictionary

  1. what is SENSE? in sense-making or otherwise?
    dictionary… will have to look up.. your thoughts B?
    or did i miss it?

    1. Yes, look it up in the dictionary! That’s what I did. I just pulled the keywords from the dictionary (and thesaurus) entries and listed them in the blog post, and then grouped them in a way that “made sense” to me. Does this grouping make sense to you? Did you learn something new from your adventure into the dictionary?

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